City Spotlight: Surrey

Whether you’re planning on making the move to Surrey or just stopping by for a visit, you’ll never be short on things to do in this awesome city. Part of greater Metro Vancouver, Surrey is British Columbia's second largest city with a population of 500,000 residents - and growing!

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8 Things to Do On Your First Day in Your New Home

You’ve finally taken possession of your new home! With so much excitement going on, it’s hard to know where to begin in the process of really getting settled. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

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Tips for Making Your Rental Feel Like Home

Even if you’re moving in to a rental, your new home is still your castle! Sure, you may have a few rules to follow because you don’t own the property, but that doesn’t mean you can’t customize your living space to really make it your own – and we can tell you how!
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Moving During the Holiday Season: How to Make it Easier

You don't always get to choose when you move. Sometimes a change in job, or a family situation, or something else means you have to move at a time that might not be ideal. If that time happens to be during the holiday season, it can be even more difficult. But, there are a few things you can do to make moving during the holidays easier on yourself and your family.

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What Should I Do While My Movers are Here?

So moving day has arrived, and you’re standing there awkwardly in your living room watching a couple guys haul all your stuff out the door and you’re wondering, “what am I supposed to be doing?” Don’t worry – it’s pretty common to feel a little out of place or uncertain when you’re movers are moving/packing. But there are a few things you can do to make moving day easier for both you and your movers. 

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City Spotlight: Winnipeg

We’re back again with another City Spotlight! In November, we're highlighting another great city where we have a Two Small Men office and where many of our team members live and work. This month our spotlight takes us to the capital of Manitoba. Keep reading to see what the people of Winnipeg love about living and working in the city.

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“Be Responsible for the Energy You Bring Into the Room” – Introducing Wendy the ChatBot

Two Small Men is happy to announce that we have a new team member! Wendy the ChatBot has found her office (and home) on our website and will be available to help answer questions and collect information for free estimates. We’re very excited to provide our visitors with this great resource.

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How to Throw a Successful (stress-free) Housewarming Party

Just moved into a new home? You’re probably excited to start showing it off to friends and family, but with all the stress of moving finally dying down, are you ready to take on the stress of planning a housewarming party? Probably not. The good news is, throwing a housewarming party doesn’t have to be stressful – by following a few simple tips, you can host a party like a pro (if there is such thing as a professional party-hoster). 

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Top 7 Tips for Moving in the Winter

As much as many of us don’t want to admit it, winter is on the way here in Canada. That means extremely cold days, piles of snow and icy sidewalks. All of these things can be a hazard if you’re trying to move. For that reason, many people try to move in the warmer months, but sometimes winter moving is unavoidable. That’s ok! Moving in the winter doesn’t have to be extra stressful if you follow a few simple guidelines.

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Do You Know How To Move Plants? Follow These 7 Tips to Make Sure You Do It Right.

When you’re moving there are often two “categories” of things you plan to move. Your belongings, and the living things in your household like children and pets. But there is one item that can often be forgotten because it can fit into both categories: your plants. Plants are your belongings, so it might be your first instinct to just pack them up, but they are also living things and require special care and attention to move.

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