Top 5 Attractions in Edmonton

Edmonton is a wonderful place to visit or live. It has many amenities that make it an attractive place for residents and visitors of all kinds, whether you enjoy exciting nightlife or you prefer a more easy-going pace amongst nature.

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Best Neighborhoods to Live in Edmonton

Edmonton is such a large and diverse place that it can be hard to narrow down just where you want to live. if you plan on moving to Edmonton Determining the "best" neighborhoods is such a subjective process. What one person might think is the best neighborhood in the city another person might think is the worst.

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Top 5 Most Walkable Neighborhoods in Calgary

Walking is good for the mind and the body. It's a great way to relieve stress, and it is a low-impact way to stay fit and healthy. Fortunately, Calgary is home to many neighborhoods that make walking easy, from offering miles of sidewalks to hosting scenic walking trails.

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Main Industries and Job Opportunities in Halifax

Halifax is a growing community. In fact, about half of all job opportunities in Nova Scotia can be found in Halifax. More businesses are setting up operations in the community, and more jobs are being added all the time. If you are thinking about moving to Halifax, NS this article could be very useful.

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10 Most Green Neighborhoods in Calgary

Calgary is a diverse city with many great neighborhoods for families, young professionals, retired couples, and more. Many of the neighborhoods feature beautiful parks, public transportation and other amenities that make them more eco-friendly.

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5 Places to Visit in Halifax

Halifax is an awesome place to move to, live in, or just visit. It's a big city with a small community feel. While it may have a population of nearly half a million people, it is a university town and features many local businesses and community activities.

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5 Ways to Make Friends with Your New Neighbors

Moving to Toronto you get to find new places to explore, plenty of entertainment to check out, and new friends to meet. However, the thought of making friends with your new neighbors can be daunting and have you feeling like an outsider treading through uncharted waters.

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How to Find a Trustworthy Moving Company

Finding a trustworthy moving company can seem intimidating at first glance. Moving is stressful enough; why worry about the logistics of searching for a good mover? If you don’t invest the time up front to find reliable movers, you could be stuck in a costly, nerve-wracking situation. With these 5 tips, you can decide on a moving company that will keep your belongings safe without breaking your budget.

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Moving? Avoid These 7 Mistakes!

Moving into a new home? You are probably thrilled about your new place but dreading the long list of to-do’s that come with relocating. The last thing you want to deal with is added stress or wasted time. When moving to Toronto, avoiding these 7 common mistakes can make a huge difference between a success story and moving disaster.

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7 Supplies You Need for Your Move

Cutting corners when purchasing moving supplies might save you a few dollars in the short term, but it can also result in damage to your belongings, which will cost you more to fix or repair when all is said and done.

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