Top 5 Things Your Moving Company Wishes you Knew

Moving is stressful, that's why most people choose to hire a professional moving company to do it for them. If you want to make your moving day even easier for everyone involved (of course you do), you'll want to allow your movers to do their best work. To do that, you have to understand what they need or want from you. We've compiled a list of things moving companies wish all of their clients would understand below: 

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Two Small Men Can Help You Move with Short Notice

When you’re faced with having to move without much notice, the first thing you might think is “how will I find a reliable moving company?” You need to find a company that can fit your move into their schedule on short notice, yet you may be (understandably) weary of a company that isn’t booked up. 

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What to Do When You Need to Move with Short Notice

We get it; sometimes you need to move in a hurry. Whether it’s for a sudden job change, a family emergency, the sale of a home that happened faster than you expected, or something else, you don’t always have months to plan your move.

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Two Small Men with Big Hearts are Dedicated to Giving Back to our Communities

At Two Small Men with Big Hearts we believe that one of the most important things for a business to do is give back to the communities in which we operate. We’re dedicated to not only giving our moving customers the best possible moving service, but also to contributing positively to the cities and towns they, and we, live and work in. 

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Two Small Men are the Long Distance Moving Experts

Moving Long Distance is different from moving within the same city in a lot of ways. Not only does the actual process take a lot longer, but it requires a lot more planning, organization, and communication. That’s why your best option when choosing a moving company for your long distance move is one that has the experience and expertise to complete your move safely and efficiently.

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How to Feel At Home in a New City After a Move

At Two Small Men, we’ve completed a lot of long distance moves over our more than 30 years in the business. One thing we often notice about our long distance moving clients is their apprehension or uncertainty about a new city. Most people are, understandably, at least a little bit scared to move to a brand new city far away from the things and the people they’re used to.

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Top 4 Tips for Moving Long Distance

Moving to new city, or a new province, can be a stressful process. But there are a lot of things you can do to ensure the move goes as smoothly as if you were moving across the street. Below you'll find Two Small Men's top four tips for making a long distance move easier. 

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Tips for Moving in Bad Weather

Canadian winters can be rough. They can also be unpredictable. Most people try to avoid moving in the winter, but sometimes you can’t choose when you have to move. So what do you do if your move falls on a day when the weather is, to put it bluntly, lousy? 

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How to Save Money (and Time) When Moving

We get it; moving can be expensive. With the holidays (which we know are also often expensive) having just ended, if you are going to be moving in the near future, you might be looking for ways to get a more affordable move. While picking the cheapest moving company out there might seem like a good solution, we’re here to warn you that it isn’t. 

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Partner with Two Small Men Movers and Bring Added Value to your Clients

If you are a realtor, corporate housing company, a business that regularly relocates employees, or even a seniors housing you’ll know the benefits of bringing some kind of added service value to your clients. When you go above and beyond, you’re more likely to get excellent reviews from your clients and increase the number and quality of your customer referrals, which leads to generating more clients. One of the ways you can bring added value is by partnering with a moving company. 

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