Two Small Men Can Move Your Office

The challenges associated with having to move an office from one location to another can be substantial. Not only do you have to think about physically moving furniture from one place to another, you also have to consider how you’ll move important technology and equipment, figure out how to notify all of your existing clients and customers, change over all office suppliers and vendors, not to mention getting your employees moved and reoriented, all while trying to lose as few working hours as possible.

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Give Your Employees a Stress-Free Office Move

Relocating your office can be a stressful time for you and your employees. There are a lot of things to think about when you’re planning a commercial move, and it can be easy to forget that your employees are feeling the pressure too.

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5 Challenges of Relocating Employees

As a business owner, you have a lot to think about when your company has to move offices. You can’t just pick up employees and put them down in a new location, which is why a commercial move can be especially complex.

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Tips for a Zen Move: Declutter Your Home and Start Fresh

Decluttering before a move, or just in general, is a smart decision. Most often we tend to collect stuff that we really don’t need. They don’t give your life value, so why should they take up space in your new home? As daunting as it may be, decluttering helps give you a fresh start in your new home without the extra baggage.

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Long Term Storage When You Can’t Let go of Your Possessions

For some people moving is tricky. It brings up old, repressed emotions when sentimental belongings are handled, evaluated, and inspected. You may wish to keep a generations old family heirloom, but do not have the space available in your new digs. The same goes for bigger items like furniture or even cars. You may have a future use for these belongings, but not right now. 

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Store Items Securely with Two Small Men


There are plenty of reasons why you might need to put your items in storage when you move. Maybe you’re downsizing homes and no longer have room for all of your possessions, but don’t want to give up family heirlooms. Maybe you’re moving across the country for work and need to store your furniture until you return. Maybe you’re moving into a place temporarily and need to store things you will need once you find a permanent home. 

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Gain Peace of Mind by Moving with Two Small Men

The thing about moving is that it can sometimes sneak up on you. You look at the calendar and see you still have a month to get things in order. Then you look again, and you only have a week! That's when the frenzy starts, and stress appears.

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How to Avoid Breaking Your Possessions During a Move

Dan was in a huge hurry to pack his belongings. Always the procrastinator, he put off packing until the last minute, shoving items into boxes, containers, bags—basically anything he could get his hands on. He didn't have the forethought to get bubble wrap for his fragile items, either. Upon arriving at his new place, he opened his kitchen box to find most of his dishes broken, cracked, chipped, and largely unusable. While some preparation would have taken time, it wouldn't have cost him anything to replace. 

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If You Can Wrap Christmas Presents, You Can Pack Your Possessions

Congratulations! You've found a new place to live. After all that searching, you now get to channel your energy into packing up your belongings. This idea is overwhelming to many people; it's difficult to pin point where in your house you should start this enormous task. The most important thing, though, is that your possessions arrive at your new place safely and in one piece. By following some simple steps during the packing process, you prevent damage to items, save time unloading, and prevent confusion when unpacking your house.

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How to Avoid Moving Scams

When you’re moving, you have so many things to get done and accomplish that it can be easy to hire a moving company that’s less than reputable. In worst cases, you may even fall victim to a moving scam if you forget to do your homework and research the moving company thoroughly. Instead of having your possessions loaded nicely onto a truck, you’ll be stuck waiting on your doorstep with no money in your pocket and no moving men in sight.

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