The 6-Step Guide to Moving as a Couple Without Going Crazy

You’re ready and thrilled to start a new chapter of your life. It’s time to move into a new home with your partner for the first time. It might be a bit of a struggle.

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5 Reasons to Move to Kamloops

You might not hear much about it if you’re from somewhere bigger or farther away—like Saskatoon or Halifax—but we think Kamloops is painfully underrated.

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The Community of Big Hearts Presents: Lillian

At Two Small Men, we’re big believers in the power and importance of community building. We’ve been providing our services, free of charge, to hardworking organizations within the communities where we live and operate for years. It’s important for us to live up to our name in giving back to our fellow Canadians who allow us to do what we do best: namely, moving you into your new home! 

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5 Ways You Can Declutter Your Home for A Lighter Load

We overload our homes with stuff that we don't use. We have attics packed with dusty holiday decorations, garages with camping equipment, basements with old furniture, heirlooms everywhere, etc.

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6 Tips for Holding a Successful Moving Sale

You’ve been planning for months. Moving day is fast approaching. But not everything from your old home will have a place in your new one.

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Moving to Montreal on a Winter Day — Use These 7 Tips!

Is the idea of moving on a freezing cold day to Montreal, giving you chills?

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What is it Like Moving to Winnipeg from a Bigger City?

So, you’re moving to Winnipeg! It could be because of a job change, or you are married or moving in with your sweetheart, who lives in the city.

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How to Pack Liquids Safely When Moving?

We know packing liquids can be tricky.

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Make Your Move Green with these Simple Moving Tips!

Climate change, deforestations, water pollution, non-sustainable agriculture and global environmental threats are central topics today. As a result, most people are working hard to become more environmentally friendly in their day to day lives.

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7 Tips To Consider When Moving with a Pet

We know how hard it is to find a new home with a pet. You’ll have extra leg work to do when researching new homes, because not every apartment and house is pet friendly (so rude!).

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