10 Most Green Neighborhoods in Calgary

Posted by Two Small Men with Big Hearts June 28, 2017

Calgary is a diverse city with many great neighborhoods for families, young professionals, retired couples, and more. Many of the neighborhoods feature beautiful parks, public transportation and other amenities that make them more eco-friendly.

If you are planning to move to this beautiful city, take some time to know its best and greenest neighborhoods:

Here are 10 of the greenest neighborhoods in Calgary to help guide your search for your next home:


Bowness in West Calgary is a home of one of Calgary's most popular parks: Bowness Park. The park features summer sports, picnicking, ice skating, boating, and more. It is also part of the pedestrian pathway network that cuts through Calgary.


Kincora in northwest Calgary is bordered by the communities of Sherwood, Sage Hill, Evanston and Hidden Valley. Located a bit away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it offers residents a variety of outdoor opportunities, like hiking and biking.

Silver Springs

"The ravine" or "the gully" lies in the Bowmont Natural Area in this community in Northwest Calgary.

Residents can swim, canoe, raft, and more.

Aspen Woods

Aspen Woods is a relatively new community in West Calgary. It includes the Westside Recreation Centre, access to the Bow Trail, and many other recreational and outdoor opportunities.

Scenic Acres

With a name like Scenic Acres, you know you can expect to see beautiful natural landscapes. This popular retirement community in West Calgary features beautiful parks, natural areas and lots of recreational opportunities, such as hiking and boating.

Mckenzie Towne

This master-planned neighborhood includes many green spaces and parks, including a splash park for kids, skate park, outdoor hockey rink and a community gymnasium. There are numerous ponds and other opportunities for recreation.


Located in Southwest Calgary, Oakridge borders the Glenmore Reservoir and the Weaselhead Natural Area, which both offer many recreational opportunities. The neighborhood also includes a community association that offers classes, swimming and more.


Though Sunnyside is an innercity community, it has an active community center that offers many sports and recreational opportunities. It also has access to many forms of reliable public transportation, providing more eco-friendly options.

Lake Bonavista

This Southeast Calgary neighborhood borders the Macleod Trail and the Bow Bottom Trail, giving residents many opportunities for hiking, biking, and more. It is also home to many manmade lakes, which feature fishing, boating, swimming, ice skating and more.


Thorncliffe in Northeast Calgary is bordered by the Deerfoot Trail and Nose Hill Park. Residents have many outdoor and recreational opportunities throughout the year.

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