5 Best Neighourhoods for Living in Edmonton

Posted by Two Small Men with Big Hearts on Jun 28, 2017 11:34:01 PM
Two Small Men with Big Hearts

Edmonton is a wonderful place to live. As the capital city of Alberta, it has a wide diversity of residents, jobs, cultural attractions and amenities that make life here rich and enjoyable.

Though it's hard to believe that life in Edmonton could get any better, you can enhance your experience by moving into one of the city's top neighbourhoods. Here are the five best neighbourhoods to consider for your next move:


This 101-year-old neighbourhood is well-known for its night life, but it has started to become more popular for daytime activities, too. The farmer's market draws hundreds of people each weekend, and residents enjoy biking, cycling, and hiking in places like the Mill Creek ravine or the river valley. Whyte Avenue also offers plenty of shopping, dining, and people watching. At night, it turns into a popular place for those looking to dance the night away and enjoy a few cocktails.


Westmount may be an older neighbourhood, but it is poised to become one of the most popular neighourhoods of the future. Westmount is centrally located to many businesses and shops, and it offers easy access for those interested in alternative modes of transportation, such as cycling or the public bus. The neighbourhood is also undergoing revitalization and many new businesses are being introduced.


Garneau is a historic district that still features some modern homes. You can move into a quaint, vintage home, or you can opt for a contemporary condo. The diversity of people matches the diversity of housing options. There are families, single people, younger people, older people, and people of all races. There are also a mix of old and new businesses of all types.


In the midst of the large city, you can find a small-town feel in Highlands. Like Garneau, Highlands features many historic homes, but there are a few modern buildings sprinkled throughout. The community also has a rich legacy, with many families who live there being the third or fourth generation in the neighbourhood.


Olive is quickly becoming an extension of downtown Edmonton. As more businesses and homes are built up, it is gaining more easy accessibility to the downtown area through walking and cycling. The neighbourhood is very diverse, with both high-rise condos and small houses, large retailers, and independent businesses, and older professionals and younger families.

What would you consider the best neighbourhood in Edmonton? Are you already living in it?

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