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Posted by Two Small Men with Big Hearts on Feb 22, 2022 8:12:00 AM
Two Small Men with Big Hearts

Last autumn, we posted our answers to five questions we're often asked by customers who are getting ready to move. With just under a month until the first day of spring, we decided now was the time to share five more moving questions we frequently hear from our customers—and, of course, our responses to those questions! 

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1. Will my move be cancelled if the weather is bad? 

In short: no. Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving is a fully Canadian company, and we’ve been operating since 1982. When it comes to bad weather, we’ve seen it all. We’ll be there on moving day come rain, snow, or more snow!

Moving truck traveling on a snowy highway

We do ask that when weather is inclement, you take precautions for the safety of our crew and your belongings by clearing and salting walkways as needed.


2. When is it cheapest for me to move?

Autumn and winter tend to be the most affordable times to move, whereas spring and summer are considered peak moving seasons. If you’re moving in the summer, we recommend a middle-of-the-month move when possible, as rates will likely be lower between the 5th and 23rd of the month.

The beginning and end of the month are the most popular times for moving services since most leases or possession dates are at that time. As with most services, the cost is often related to the demand. The moving industry is no different! 

If you have some flexibility, we can potentially help you save up to $30/hour on your move. Make sure to let us know what your plan is so we can help save you money.


3. What should I keep with me on moving day?

We recommend keeping anything you think you’ll use, or need, on moving day or in the days immediately following your move. Some items customers hold onto are toilet paper and paper towels, your phone charger, snacks, toys and books for the kids, and easy to transport electronics such as laptops and tablets. You should also keep medication and any important documents with you, such as your medical records, passport, or your birth certificate. 

Image headline: "What should I keep with me on moving day?" and responses: Essentials, entertainment, documents

Many people often choose to keep extra special items of value or sentiment on them as well. We recommend designating one or two bags or boxes to important items and bringing them with you to your new home yourself.


4. Do I need an in-home moving estimate?

Our Move Coordinators are experienced and trained to provide you with an over-the-phone estimate. They’ll ask you several questions to help provide an accurate estimate for the length of your move.

There are three factors that are most likely to impact the accuracy of your estimate:

Preparation: When it comes to making a move efficient, preparation is key! It always helps save time if you can have everything packed and ready to go. Any item that can go in a box should. Also, moving boxes and items as close to the entrance/exit of your home as possible really helps.

Volume: It can be difficult to remember everything that needs to be moved when you’re filling out a form or discussing a quote. We recommend doing a walkthrough of your home beforehand so you can take notes on the number and variety of items you have. This will help your quote be as accurate as possible!

Accessibility: How long is the walk from your door to the entrance of the building? How close can we back the truck to that entrance? Is the snow and ice cleared from walks in the wintertime? How tall/wide are pathways, entrances, stairwells, etc.? Issues like this can have an impact on the length of your move and, therefore, your quote.


5. Do you move plants?

Yes, we do, provided they fit within the box area of the truck. Please keep in mind that we are not arboristsif you have any concerns about temperature and how to properly transport these items, please consult your nearest greenhouse for suggestions and instructions and let us know prior to your move.

Woman packing houseplants into a cardboard box

House plants can experience "shock" when moving and we highly recommend moving plants yourself when possible, especially if they're more sensitive or fragile.


Still have questions? We're not surprised—there's a lot to know when it comes to moving! Check out our FAQ section by clicking here, or reach out to our Move Coordinators for your free estimate and answers to anything else you're wondering about moving!  

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