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Can Moving Company Also Move Your Car to Another City?

Posted by Two Small Men with Big Hearts on Sep 24, 2019 11:03:38 AM
Two Small Men with Big Hearts

We know moving your belongings is complicated enough. With the added hassle of having to transport your car as well, anyone could be stressed about the logistics.

There are several reasons you may not be able to drive your car to new place – maybe you would prefer to fly to your new city, or your family has multiple vehicles, or you’re worried about your collector’s vehicle.

Certainly, driving your car when you must cover long-distance is often not feasible, particularly in harsh Canadian winters.

However, rest assured the team at Two Small Men with Big Hearts is always there to help you with stress-free moves.

Do we move your car?

An absolute yes! If you choose Two Small Men as your residential mover, you can tell our moving advisor about moving your car, and we make arrangements to handle your possessions as well as personal vehicles.

So, how we do it? We can arrange for a flatbed tow truck.

Towing your vehicle with flatbed tow truck is the safest way to get your cars from one place to another without driving. This also ensures that your vehicle arrives at the same time as your belongings.

If you’re worried about damage to your vehicle, rest assured that our services are fully covered, and we commit to making sure that your possessions, including your car, arrive in the same condition as you left. Read More.

What other options do you have?

While hiring your moving company to move your car is a great option, it’s possible that your car is not well-suited for this type of moving. Maybe the size of the vehicle or its weight is making it complicated. In this scenario, we have listed you some of the ways you can move your car to the new city.

Shipping via professional auto transporter

Shipping your vehicle with the help of a professional auto transporter is one popular option. This includes either placing the car on an open-air trailer or an enclosed truck.

The cost of the shipment depends on several factors, including the size of your car and the distance of the move. Ask your company if it’s shipping on an open-air trailer or an enclosed truck, as it will also have an impact on the price (– Enclosed trucks cost more!).

Also, you’ll need to ask if the company ships door to door or you’ll have to pick up the car at a local hub.

But before you hire a professional auto transport service, make sure to check whether they are licensed or insured. Check out their reviews online, and don’t forget to double-check for its licensing!

Hire a Professional Driver

If you dread putting your car on an open-air trailer, you can always hire a professional driver who can move the car for you. There are many auto transportation companies who offer a personal driving service to help transport your vehicles. Just browse through the website to make sure that drivers are screened and covered.

However, driver availability is not always guaranteed, and if your moving day is approaching, you may have to pay premium charges for an urgent move. FYI, professional driving service is typically a more expensive option!

Drive it Yourself

Time-consuming, and the thing you’ve been avoiding. However, if no other option works for you, you can always drive the car yourself to your new city. It may also be the cheapest way to go.

If you can’t absolutely take the car on a moving day, you can always park your car at a secure site and return later to pick your car. For instance, you can park your car at a friend’s place, or rent storage units that offer garage-like storage space for vehicles.

At all times, we are here to assist you with your move. If you have more questions regarding your transportation of your vehicle to the new location, reach out to our team.

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