Celebrating the Women of TSM on International Women's Day

Posted by Two Small Men with Big Hearts on Mar 8, 2021 5:33:02 PM
Two Small Men with Big Hearts

Today, in honour of International Women's Day, we're using this space to celebrate the talented, intelligent, kind, wonderful women who make up the team at Two Small Men with Big Hearts. Please keep reading to learn more about some of the amazing women that we're lucky enough to work with every day! 



Barb D. - Vancouver 

Image of Two Small Men staff member Barb sitting in a vehicle

How long have you worked at TSM?

11 years, almost 12!

What's your role?

Dispatch Manager for the TSM Vancouver office.

Tell us about yourself!

​My day starts out with strong coffee and ends with a hot bath. ​Sunsets and meditation. I am a quote junkie. Anything that speaks truth in a powerful, succinct, beautiful and/or clever way just gets me. It can song lyrics, poetry or just quotes. I am so sentimental and I feel the big feels and I'm very expressive 🙂

Favourite part of your job?

​Problem solving, team building, helping customers and working with the team at Two Small Men​.


Lillian C. - Winnipeg

Image of Two Small Men staff member Lillian sitting on a boat


How long have you worked at TSM?

Fall 2021 will be my 12 year anniversary with the company!

What's your role?

Move Coordinator - and as I've had several positions within the company over time, this one is my favourite!

Tell us about yourself!

I grew up moving around Western Canada and had moved 6 times before the age of twelve and then moved another 6 times in the last 10 years (so I feel very comfortable talking about the different aspects of moving). 

With each new place I always try and find a few good running routes to help me get the lay of the land within the community, it is by far my favourite way to get to know a new city. 

When I am not booking moves or moving myself, my family and I are usually travelling, but this year it has been a bit different. Instead, I’m trying a new recipe instead of a new restaurant, reading on my couch as opposed to on an airplane, or I am watching Gilmore Girls for the 10th time with my daughter - much to my husband's dismay. We have two yellow labs who are also expert movers and have been keeping me good company at my desk while working from home this last year, and letting me know when the mailman is at my door. 

Favourite part of your job?

I have done moves for myself ranging from internal moves, into storage and out of storage, across the city, and across the country. I feel l my experience can offer a lot of insight and comfort for those who can be a little nervous about moving, and I have lots of moving tips and tricks! 


Katie B. - Kelowna

Image of Two Small Men staff member Katie in a moving truck with Two Small Men logo

How long have you worked at TSM? 

Just about a year - I joined the team last spring! 

What's your role?

I'm the VP of Sales & Marketing. 

Tell us about yourself!

I'm originally from Kenora, Ontario, but I'm now happy to call Kelowna home. When I'm not at the office, I'm probably either swimming, snowboarding, or mountain biking! The gorgeous views and abundant outdoor activities are some of my favourite parts of living in Kelowna. 

Favourite part of your job? 

I love working closely with our amazing partners and building customer relationships to help keep Two Small Men a trusted name and leader in the moving industry. And because I come from a small town, I have a great appreciation for Two Small Men's local roots while I'm overseeing the company's national reach.  


Donna K. - Kelowna 

Image of Two Small Men staff member Donna, standing in front of a Two Small Men truck and holding a red, heart-shaped balloon

About Donna

If you’ve moved with Two Small Men in Kelowna, then you’ve undoubtedly met Donna. Donna is a Move Coordinator who has worked with Two Small Men for over 30 years! No matter how big or small your move is, Donna is sure to have the answer as there aren’t many people in the moving industry with as much experience has her. When she’s not helping plan a move, you can usually find Donna in her garden or making one of her famous jams!

Veronica P. - Toronto

Image of Two Small Men staff member Veronica, sitting on the back of a moving truck

About Veronica

Veronica has worked with Two Small Men Toronto for the past 6 months as a mover! She loves getting to know her customers over the course of a move day, learning new pieces of advice from their life experiences, and hearing the stories attached to the items her crew moves for each family.


Leanne G. - Calgary

Image of Two Small Men staff member Leanne, standing on a mountaintop clearing

How long have you worked at TSM?

1.5 years!

What's your role?

Accounts Receivable.

Tell us about yourself!

I'm also a floral designer! 

Favourite part of your job?

​Problem solving, and developing new processes and efficiencies. 



To any of our staff who elected not to be featured in today's blog post, we see you and we celebrate you too. To all the spectacular women who work on the TSM team, our TSM customers, business partners, and community partners - Happy International Women's Day! 💜

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