How Do I Prepare For My Long Distance Move?

Posted by Two Small Men with Big Hearts on Feb 26, 2021 5:07:42 PM
Two Small Men with Big Hearts

Whether you're moving hundreds or thousands of kilometers away, it's important to acknowledge the extra layer of stress that comes with long distance moving. Not to worry - Two Small Men can help you with that stress and make your long distance move more manageable! Here are some of our favourite tips for a successful long distance move.


First things first: downsize!

You've heard downsizing advice for moving before, but downsizing in preparation for a long distance move is crucial. While local moves may not call for downsizing, you have a finite amount of space when it comes to long distance moving - and no opportunity to run back to the old house for those last few pesky items. Be ruthless and get rid of whatever you can whether through junk disposal, secondhand sales, or donations. 

Do you really need the armchair you've had for 7 years that has a wonky spring, or is it time to upgrade on the other side of the move?  


Create an inventory of all your items 

The exhaustion that settles in after a move isn't limited to long distance moves, and that's why we strongly recommend carving out the time to create an inventory list while you pack and prepare for your move. Future you will be thanking past you for this act of kindness!


Don't Move Liquids 

While moving your cleaning products locally is no big deal, the peace of mind that comes with having zero liquids in the bed of the truck - no matter how securely packed they are - is worth it. When you're covering so much ground along sometimes bumpy roads, you don't want to spend even a second worrying about a liquid spill around all your belongings. 

Most moving companies will move safe liquids if you want them to, but we strongly advise against it when it comes to long distance moves!


Research best packing practices - really

For many of us, packing seems like it's rather intuitive: be safe, pack tightly, and tape everything up well. But we promise you, there is so much advice available online that can benefit even a seasoned mover when it comes to best packing practices. And for your long distance move, you are going to want securely packed items. 

Did you know that Two Small Men offers professional packing services that you can book in advance of your move? Our movers are experienced with packing boxes and can save you a ton of time and energy as moving day approaches by safely packing up items for you. 


Above all, we recommend professional movers for your long distance move if your budget allows it. Unless you're planning to drive and all your belongings fit in the car, you'll save so much time and stress by using movers instead of renting a trailer. Reach out to us for a quote today!

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