How Do I Prepare to Move Next Month?

Posted by Two Small Men with Big Hearts on Oct 29, 2021 9:30:00 AM
Two Small Men with Big Hearts

If you're moving in the next 3-4 weeks, here's what you probably already know: your new address, your moving day or range of dates, and whether or not you'll be moving yourself or hiring a professional moving company. Depending on how much time you've had to prepare, you may not know too much else just yet—and that's okay! 

Pink sticky note that reads "To do List: 1. So 2. Many 3. Things!"

From our (free to download!) Ultimate Moving Checklist, here are the To Do items you should get started on 3-4 weeks before your move. 

Create an inventory of your items 

Your item inventory list serves a few purposes in getting you organized—first, you'll have a general sense of the volume of your move, and second, you'll have a solid starting point to help you figure out what you're keeping, donating, and discarding before moving day. We recommend organizing your inventory by room to keep things even clearer. When you start on the process of packing up, you're sure to feel more confident about what can often be a daunting, overwhelming task. 


Sort your items into keep, donate, and discard piles

The natural next step after creating your list of items is indeed to decide what you wish to keep, and what you're ready to part with. While donating as much as you can is commendable, remember that the condition of the item does matter—if it's more than gently or lightly used, it may be best to sort that item into your discard pile, or offer it up on an upcycling group so people who enjoy refurbishing can have first dibs. 

Moving box marked with items for donation

It can be difficult to part with items (especially for those of us who like to keep everything "just in case I need it,") but it's worth downsizing to give your new home a fresh feeling, as well as to save money and save time on moving day.


Start collecting moving supplies 

You'll be glad you didn't wait to get moving supplies—just having them in your home will be helpful for restless nights where a burst of energy makes you want to start—or continue—packing up. Plus, you need to know if your estimate for how many boxes you need is correct before moving day so you're not left scrambling. Don't forget to pick up key items like packing paper and/or peanuts, packing tape, and even shrink wrap if you're taking care of your own move. We've blogged before about what types of boxes are best for moving, so be sure to check out that resource too! 


Choose your moving company and book your move

Choosing a professional moving company can be a stressful process, but it's worth doing research and gathering a few quotes before you make your decision. Be sure to check out our guide on how to choose a mover to help narrow down your options! 


Start updating your address

You can have your mail forwarded by your post office to your new address, but you'll also need to start updating your information with other people too; schools, doctors, your veterinarian, and your dentist, just to name a few. Remember—every task you can cross off your list before moving day is going to save you time and energy as you adjust to life in your new home. 


If you're feeling stressed about next month's move, remember—even 4 weeks is plenty of time to get yourself organized and ready to go. Two Small Men is here to support you with resources every step of the way, so be sure to check out our other blog posts, and of course, reach out to our team for a quick, free quote if you're using professional movers. 

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