Main Industries and Job Opportunities in Halifax

Posted by Two Small Men with Big Hearts June 28, 2017

Halifax is a growing community. In fact, about half of all job opportunities in Nova Scotia can be found in Halifax. More businesses are setting up operations in the community, and more jobs are being added all the time. If you are thinking about moving to Halifax, NS this article could be very useful.

Here are a few of the primary industries and job opportunities that people can find in Halifax: Finance

Halifax has a thriving financial sector. In fact, it is the regional headquarters for some of the largest banks in Canada. Over 2,600 firms in the finance, insurance, and real estate sectors call Halifax home. Those firms employ more than 14,000 people, and jobs are available from entry level to upper management.

Halifax has helped lead the way in aerospace research. The commercial and defense aerospace sector in Nova Scotia is located almost entirely in Halifax, and the industry provides 6,000 jobs. It also creates more than $600 million in revenue each year.

Health Care
Health care is a growing sector, and Halifax is seeing a lot of that growth. Halifax has 31,000 healthcare jobs alone, but that number is expected to rise over the coming years.

Skilled Trades
Skilled trades include work like manufacturing and air conditioning repair. The skilled trades industry has grown over 7 percent in the last 13 years. At the same time, unemployment in the sector remains the lowest it has been in 20 years.

Digital Industries
Information and communication technology has a big presence in Halifax, with some of the world's leading ICT companies maintaining operations here. Some of the big companies include Lockheed Martin, Cisco and HB Studios.

If you are looking for career opportunities in a community that you will love to call home, Halifax may be the place for you. You can take advantage of job opportunities in a number of growing fields that offer career advancement and exceptional pay.

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