Make Your Move Green with these Simple Moving Tips!

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Climate change, deforestations, water pollution, non-sustainable agriculture and global environmental threats are central topics today. As a result, most people are working hard to become more environmentally friendly in their day to day lives. Sustainable moving is possible.

Living a more environmentally conscious life means different things to different people.

Did you know there are ways to make your move eco-friendly?

Consider this – there’s the fuel you use for travelling, items you dispose of, and the packing materials once used that are thrown out. Moving is stressful, and unwanted items are often discarded without much focus placed on how they’re disposed of as a result.

Another thing to consider are hazardous materials, which are found in most homes. If these materials are not disposed of in a proper manner, they can cause a lot of harm to our planet.

If you haven’t considered this aspect of your upcoming move yet, don’t worry - we can help!

Read these tips for our best tips on making your move green:


When organizing your move, declutter! Think about things that you may need after your move and declutter what you don’t need.

How does that help?

If you’re moving fewer things, you’ll require a smaller vehicle to transport and you’ll likely make fewer trips. This results in less fuel and fewer carbon emissions.

As a bonus, not only do you lower the environmental impact with your move, but you’ll also save yourself some cash. The fewer items you pack, the lower the cost of packing and moving.

That said, you shouldn’t dump all your unwanted items in the garbage. This isn’t a great option for the environment, as things you’ve discarded will end up at the nearest landfill site.

Sell, Gift or Donate

As we have discussed, packing and moving only essential items can reduce carbon emissions during the haul, but you can save your unwanted yet usable items from ending up in a landfill.

  • Gift them to friends and family members. This is the perfect opportunity to show some generosity and help people you love and care, while also being mindful of the environment.
  • Donate the items to local charitable organizations. Things like furniture, appliances, electronics, clothes, books, children’s toys and food, and so on can help people in need. Some charities will even come and pickup things if you schedule with them in advance.
  • Sell things that you have decided to leave but are still in excellent or good condition. Some items may cease to serve you but can be very useful for other people. You can also organize a garage sale or sell your stuff online. Either way, it is an excellent opportunity to get some cash back!

Dispose of Hazardous Materials

Some hazardous materials are not allowed to be moved between homes because they bear high risk – of fire, corrosion, explosion or other types of severe damage during transport.

Professional moving companies are also prohibited from transporting flammable, corrosive, or explosive items. Even if you are self-moving, you shouldn’t try to move them.

Before your moving day, dispose of any dangerous goods and do it properly. Materials that can be harmful to the environment include acids, ammonia, gasoline, kerosene, engine oil, dyes, pesticides, weed killers, fertilizers, cleaning supplies, aerosol cans, etc.

Follow the disposal instructions on these items to get rid of them without harming the environment. You can also give away some of these items to your neighbours or friends.

Use Eco-friendly Packing Materials

The greatest contribution to green move is to adopt eco-friendly packing. We strongly encourage you to use recyclable and biodegradable packing materials for all your packing needs. Here’s how you can do:

  • Re-use cardboard boxes instead of rushing to the store to purchase brand new ones. Standard cardboard boxes can last 4 and 7 uses before their life cycle ends. You can also ask your friends or neighbours if they have extra cardboard boxes. Or, you can visit local stores to ask if they have free cardboard boxes.
  • Plastic bins are an eco-friendlier alternative to standard cardboard boxes. How? Use plastic storage bins that are made from recycled plastic. Also, if you purchase or rent plastic containers, they are a really good investment, because:

             a) These can be used hundreds of times without sustaining damage

             b) They provide good protection to your belongings

  • There are green alternatives available for traditional bubble wraps. Also, we recommend you consider biodegradable packing peanuts made from vegetable oil and cornstarch.

Use Packing Supplies Already Available in Home

Get creative, save money on your move and be eco-friendly. Use packing supplies available in your home such as buckets, baskets and laundry hampers to pack things.

Naturally, suitcases are great for transporting clothes and books. Trash Bags can be used for packing hanging clothes straight from the closet. Vacuum seal bags can be used for packing bulky clothes, and Ziploc bags are great for keeping small items from getting lost during the move.

Wrap and cushion materials with regular household blankets. Towel and bedsheets can be used in place of plastic bubble wraps to secure fragile and breakable household items.

Hire an Environmentally friendly moving Company

If you are determined to minimize your environmental impact, hire a moving company that cares about the environment.

At Two Small Men with Big Hearts, we are invested and committed to eco-friendly practices and products that are better and cleaner for the world. We have a modern fleet of fuel-efficient moving vehicles, and our GPS devices are directed to plan the most direct and fuel-efficient routes to your destination homes.

So, if you’re looking for a more eco-conscious company, call our team.

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