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Posted by Two Small Men with Big Hearts on Apr 26, 2022 3:22:37 PM
Two Small Men with Big Hearts

We've often heard it said that after the death of a loved one and divorce, moving is the most stressful life event a person experiences. As Canada's movers with big hearts, our goal is to make moving one of the least stressful life events our customers experience, so we created a library of moving checklists. Keep reading to learn more about these checklists so you can find the best option for you and your upcoming move. 


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This is our most popular moving checklist — it covers every step of your move, before, during, and even after moving day. If you're looking for one giant list to keep you totally organized for your move, this is the one we recommend! 


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Office Moving Checklist

There's no doubt about it — moving to a new office is all about efficiency. Every minute your team is offline costs your business time and revenue. That's why planning and organization are the keys to a quick, streamlined move so your team can get back to work in the new space ASAP. Download our free office moving checklist to get ready for every step of the move, from preliminary preparation to the days that follow your move.


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Provincial Moving Checklists

If you're moving to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba, you must take a look at these specialized checklists. Moving to a new province comes with its own unique set of tasks that you'll want to complete in as short a time as possible, and this checklist touches on those items by province. Click here to find each of these lists - totally free to download!


Dormitory Moving Checklist

If you or your loved one are heading to a dorm this fall, there's a lot to do in preparation. Whether it's your first time living in a dormitory or you've done it all before, use our dormitory moving checklist to keep track of everything you'll need for a successful start to the semester. The dorm experience is a wonderful one, and having everything you need before you need it will make the experience that much better.


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First Apartment Moving Checklist

Moving into your first apartment is such an exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming to try to remember everything you'll need out on your own. We've prepared a list that includes the first things you should do at your new place, as well as the essentials you'll want to purchase! 

First time home buyers can find a specialized checklist for their move in this section too -  we recommend using that alongside our Ultimate Moving Checklist for a totally stress-free move.


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Pet Essentials Moving Checklist

We all love our furry friends, but moving with a pet can add a whole new layer of stress to moving day! Keep yourself organized and worry-free on moving day with our Pet Essentials Checklist. This checklist was lovingly designed to help you get your pet ready for your move, and to keep them safe and happy on moving day.


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We'd love to hear from you — if our Checklist Directory doesn't have the list you were hoping for, reach out to us for additional tips and tricks! The Two Small Men website has plenty of resources when it comes to moving and our staff have an abundance of knowledge. We can also provide you with a quick, free quote for your move whenever you're ready! 




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