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Posted by Two Small Men with Big Hearts on Sep 3, 2021 9:45:00 AM
Two Small Men with Big Hearts

There is a lot of advice out there when it comes to moving—and we mean a lot. Trust us; we've written tons of it! Whether you're downsizing, preparing for a long distance move, or looking for more specific tips like moving with pets, moving with kids, or moving in bad weather, you can find online content for just about any moving question you could have.

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In fact, we know that it can be a little daunting to have an industry's worth of moving knowledge at your fingertips. So today, we're going to simplify things just a bit by giving you one of our team's favourite tips to make your move as stress-free as possible. There's a lot that can go wrong during a move, but instead of focusing on the worst-case scenario, we'd like to give you one piece of advice that will keep you ready to face anything in the short term. 

And without further delay, we'd like to introduce you to the concept of the Overnight Essentials Box

At first read, this might sound like a pretty obvious tip, right? Of course you need your phone charger and your laptop. Our recommended list of overnight essentials, however, will prepare you for anything. 


Ready for anything on moving day

Even with the best of intentions, sometimes delays happen, or you simply won't have the energy to unpack in your new home when everything arrives. Perhaps a mix-up has your Bedroom #1 box in the back corner of your new kitchen. If you use a professional moving company, mistakes like that are far less likely to happen, but it's still best to be prepared for such inconveniences. By creating an overnight essentials box using the list below, you'll be creating a backup plan that will give you peace of mind on moving day. This is the one box you must keep in your car so that you know it's close by at all times, and it should be the last thing you bring into your new home. 

This list is also available in our free-to-download Ultimate Moving Checklist, but you can use the list below as a guide to get you started!

Overnight Essentials Box checklist

☐ Toilet Paper
☐ Phone Chargers
☐ Snacks/Coffee
☐ Scissors
☐ Garbage Bags
☐ Paper Towels
☐ Change of Clothes
☐ Dish Soap and Towel
☐ Pet Food and Dish
☐ Portable Tool Kit
☐ Minimal Cleaning Supplies
☐ Mug/Plate/Cutlery


We hope you find this tip as helpful as we have for past moves! Remember, using a professional moving company is another great way to keep your stress to a minimum on moving day. Reach out to our team of friendly Move Coordinators to start your quick, free quote today.

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