City Spotlight: What to Expect When You Move to Burnaby

So, you’re thinking about moving to Burnaby? Good idea. As the third-largest city in B.C., it’s full of amenities and activities — and its proximity to Vancouver, the mountains, and the ocean makes it a remarkably attractive place to live. 

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Here's Why You Want to Move in the Spring

With a long, cold winter disappearing behind us, it’s no news to anyone that spring feels like a great time for new beginnings.

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Why Not Just DIY Move? Here’s What Moving Companies Do That You Can’t

Almost everyone’s had or been a part of a DIY move. The benefit’s obvious: it’s cheap. And if you already have access to a truck? It’s free!

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The Downsizing Series Part 5: Kitchen essentials

Kitchens are one area of any household where clutter can really take hold. Whether gifts, impulse buys, or things you got for that one specific dish that one time, people tend to end up with a lot of kitchen tools. The truth is, most people don’t actually use those single-purpose kitchen utensils nearly enough to make them worth the space they take up.

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The Downsizing Series Part 4: Downsizing with Kids

It’s one thing to downsize as an adult who’s either made a lifestyle choice to do so or understands it as an economic necessity. But when you have children, you wouldn’t be wrong to be a little apprehensive about breaking the news and making the move.

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The Downsizing Series Part 3: Dos and Don'ts of Apartment Living

If you’re downsizing to an apartment you're in for some big changes. From the amount of stuff you’re able to live with, to new rules you may have to account for, to the fact that you’ll now have neighbours who share a wall, apartment living comes with its challenges. 

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The Downsizing Series Part 2: Tips for Decorating a Small Space

Just because you’ve downsized on space doesn’t mean you need to downsize on style. In addition to less cleaning and maintenance, you’ll still be able to enjoy a well-decorated space that feels both inviting and roomy. If you’re looking for some helpful hints on how to decorate a smaller space, here a few tips to get you started:

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The Downsizing Series Part 1: The Benefits of Downsizing

“But...does it bring me joy?”. If this sounds familiar, you may already be hooked on Netflix’s latest hit show “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo”. If there’s one thing Kondo’s popular series teaches us, it’s that downsizing has a ton of benefits. Whether you’re thinking about moving to a smaller home or just looking to get rid of all that extra stuff you have hanging around, here are the top benefits of downsizing your home and your life.

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Four or more fun things to do in Saskatoon - Two Small Men

Welcome to Saskatoon! The largest city in Saskatchewan, this “Paris of the Prairies” offers plenty to see, hear and do for residents and visitors alike. Here are just a few of the many great things you can experience in sunny Saskatoon.   

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7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Pack | Two Small Men

Because planning a move already puts a lot on your plate, we understand packing can really feel like a huge undertaking. And, while there’s no avoiding it, there are some things you can do to make it a little easier on yourself. Here are the best ways to get motivated when it comes to packing for a home move.   

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