The 5 Moving Questions We're ASked Most Often

Posted by Two Small Men with Big Hearts on Nov 12, 2021 2:22:00 PM
Two Small Men with Big Hearts

Found yourself planning your next (or first) move? Like most of our customers, we assume that you'll have questions for every step of your moving process. While moving can be stressful, we're firm believers that most of that stress can be mitigated through preparedness—and for the remaining stress, Two Small Men with Big Hearts will be ready to help! After 40 years in business, we've learned a thing or two about moving, and for today's post we want to share five of our most frequently asked moving questions—and their answers—with you. Keep reading for answers to some of those burning questions that have been living in the back of your mind! 


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1. How much does moving cost?

While we can't speak for how other moving companies quote, we believe in being transparent about how we determine the cost of your move. Local moves with Two Small Men come with a fixed hourly rate and estimated moving hours. Your hourly rate will depend on a few factors, including:

  • The city you are in
  • The time of month you are moving
  • The time of year you are moving

For example, a great time to move would be in the middle of the month in autumn, while a pricier time to move would be peak moving season (summer) at the end of the month.

Moves with our team are billed at a minimum of three hours. Your Move Coordinator will be able to provide an estimate based on the information you provide, and we have a very high rate of accuracy when it comes to the final bill based on the estimate.


2. Do moving companies charge travel time? Why?

There is a level of preparation that goes into getting the truck safe and properly equipped for your move. We also incur driving time to get from our office to the pickup location, and back to our office again.

These costs are flat rated, so you never have to worry about factors like driving conditions, traffic etc. The rates are averaged out for every customer regardless of where you live in the city. 


3. Will I be charged extra for moving furniture up/down stairs?

In short, no. There is no additional fee for stairs. However, while you won’t be charged extra, it's important to note the further a crew is carrying an item, the longer your move may take. Moves are charged on an hourly basis, so be sure to let your Move Coordinator know if there are far walking distances they should account for in your estimate.


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4. Do I need to empty my dressers/wardrobes/other drawer units?

Yes, we do ask that customers empty their drawers before we move dressers. While we often think of our movers as superheroes, the truth is that they can get tired too! For everyone's safety and comfort, we ask for furniture to be emptied before moving day. We have wardrobe boxes available to keep all your clothes safe and neat for transport.


5. What other moving fees will I be charged?

There are several variables that can impact what fees you’ll pay for your move. At Two Small Men, our Move Coordinators are trained to ask those questions and they’ll let you know what fees will apply to your moving day. One important factor is whether your move is local or long-distance. Heavy items such as a piano or a safe (anything over 300 lbs), may also result in a heavy item fee. Reach out to our move coordinators for more information!


Our hope is that providing answers to some of these frequently asked questions has left you feeling a little more knowledgeable and confident about your upcoming move. If you still have other questions, please feel free to tap into the resources we provide here on our blog, as well as the entire Moving Tips section of our website! 

If you're ready to start your estimate, click here or give us a call at 1-800-727-6255!

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