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Posted by Two Small Men with Big Hearts on Feb 7, 2019 1:13:06 PM
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8 things you forget during moving | Two Small Men

Of course, when it comes to packing, you’re not going to forget your clothes, your furniture, your dishes or your prized stamp collection. But you might be surprised by all the things you WILL forget when you’re making a move to a new home. That is, of course, unless we remind you!

The Top 8 Things People Forget to Pack


We wanted to bring this one up first not just because it’s important for you to take your medication, but because it’s also what people tend to forget the most when they move! This is because most people keep their medications in the cabinet right up until move day, making it easy to forget in all the commotion.

Shower Curtains

Your shower curtain is another item you’re likely to use right up until moving day. If at all possible, shower the night before so you can have it packed up and ready to go for the next day. Who knows, your missing shower curtain might remind you to grab your medication!

Wall Hooks and Hangers

Why buy all new wall hooks and hangers when you can simply take the ones you already have? Save yourself a trip to the hardware store either by taping nails/ hooks/ hangers to the backs of pictures, paintings etc. Or, collect all the hardware in a Tupperware container so it’s in one spot when you’re ready to decorate.

Curtains and Curtain Rods

It’s easy to forget to pack curtains or drapes because we’re so used to seeing them every day. Even if you do remember them, it’s not uncommon to forget the rods and hooks you’re sure to need as you get established in your new home.

Charger Blocks and Other Plug-Ins

Phone and tablet chargers, air-fresheners and night lights are easily overlooked because they’re so small. Once your furniture has been removed, be sure to check all the outlets for left-over plug-ins.

Gardening Tools and Other Outdoor Equipment

Don’t forget to check the shed! Or under the deck, the rafters in the garage, side of the house etc. Because gardening tools, snow shovels and sprinklers are all seasonal items, they get overlooked easily.


Such an easy thing to take for granted until you’re trying to put your clothes away! As you pack up your closet, make a point to bundle and box hangers as you go. You’ll be glad you did.

Hidden Items

Do you remember the little cubby hole where you like to hide birthday and Christmas gifts? Or maybe you have a spot where you like to hide a little extra cash for a rainy day. Either way, be sure to check your “secret spaces” before you leave or else you may find yourself coming up short.

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